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Is time at a standstill for you? L&S Clock Repair can get your clock ticking again in no time! Below you can read our FAQs on the following subjects:

  • House calls
  • Antique clock restoration
  • Clock repair
  • Clock maintenance
  • Monthly clock clinic in Urbana by appointment
  • Long distance repair needs
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More questions? Tell us how we can help you. Just e-mail us at sales@lsclockrepair.com, and include your name, phone number, and the details of your particular situation. We'll be glad to send you more information about your situation and answer your questions. Plus, we'll send you a coupon for a 10% discount off your next service or purchase.


Can I drop my clock of at L&S Clock Repair for service?

Yes, please call us at (618) 234-4401 or (217) 367-8242 to make sure we will be in the office when you arrive.

How long will it take for my clock to be serviced?

Turn around time is very important for L&S Clock repair, but it is difficult to say exactly, as some parts are difficult to obtain.

House calls

My clock is too large to transport in my car. Can you fix it in my home?

I do not clean or make major repairs on site. I will make minor adjustments in your home but thorough and professional results can only be obtained in our facility. When I receive your call, I will arrange a time to pick up the clock movement, weights and pendulum. I then clean and inspect the movement for worn or broken parts and inform you of the cost to make necessary repairs. After the repairs and regulation are completed, I will call to schedule a convenient time to reinstall and regulate the clock back in your home.

How far do you travel to service a large clock?

I make house calls for clocks within a 50-mile radius of Champaign/Urbana, a 50-mile radius of Belleville, a 10-mile radius of Indianapolis, and 10 miles north and south of Interstate 70 from St. Louis to Indianapolis.

I have a smaller clock but I don't drive. Can you pick it up?

I will make house calls for any size clock within a 50-mile radius of Champaign/Urbana. If you live outside that area, you can send your timepiece to me. I will clean it and inform you of the cost to repair. Your timepiece will be returned to you when we receive your payment.

Call (618) 234-4401 or (217) 367-8242, or email sales@lsclockrepair.com today to schedule an appointment!

Antique clock restoration

I have a very old clock that is in bad condition. Can you repair the cases too? 

We can clean and make minor repair to broken or damaged cases but for major repair or restoration we recommend taking the case to a furniture repair specialist while we clean and repair the clock movement.

Bring your clock in today and let us help restore your heirloom.

Clock repair

My mantle clock runs slow.
My school house clock won’t stay running.
My chime clock keeps time but won’t chime anymore.
Do you repair cuckoo clocks?
Do you repair grandfather clocks?
Do you repair clocks that have the spinning balls?
Can you replace broken mainsprings?

We can help! When we receive your clock, we will carefully disassemble the movement and clean it thoroughly, checking it for worn or broken parts. We will contact you after cleaning and inform you of the cost to make the necessary repairs. Worn bushings are the most common problem. Bushings or bearings are the tiny holes in the plates that hold the gears in place. When a clock is dirty, the dirt and oil form an abrasive paste that, over time ,wear these tiny holes larger. When this happens, the gears cannot mesh properly and the clock or chime or strike mechanism slows or stops. When multiple bushings are affected, the movement may need to be replaced. This process can be prevented by regular cleaning and maintenance When the movement is repaired, it is regulated for at least one week, to make sure your clock will continue to perform reliably for you for years to come.

Your clock can run like new again! Let us show you how we can help! Call today at (618) 234-4401 or (217) 367-8242, or email sales@lsclockrepair.com or stop in. We're located at 1403 E. Washington St., Urbana, IL. We're open Monday-Friday 9:30-3:30pm.

Do you sell and install quartz or battery clock movements?

Yes, we have the most common sizes and styles in stock. We can install the movement and have your clock ready in as little as 24 hours. /p>

Clock Maintenance 

I have a valuable clock that I want to keep in top running order. How often should a clock be cleaned and serviced?
How can I make sure that my antique timepiece will run well for the next 100 years?

Your clock or watch was designed to last a lifetime. We can help make that happen by performing routine cleaning and lubrication. This assures that your timepiece will perform reliably and you will avoid costly repairs. Just as a car needs regular service and maintenance, your clock needs to be cleaned and lubricated every 3-5 years.

Call (618) 234-4401 or (217) 367-8242, or email sales@lsclockrepair.com or come in today to avoid costly repairs.

Watch Repair

Do you sell and install watch batteries?

Yes we have over 50 different sizes of watch batteries in stock. We can replace them while you wait. Special order batteries take approximately 1 week.

Do you sell and install watch crystals (glass)?

Yes, we have hundreds of crystals in stock and we can custom fit any size and shape.

Do you repair or adjust watchbands?

Yes, we can adjust many styles while you wait. Most will be ready in 24 hours.

Do you repair wristwatches?

We do not service mechanical (wind-up) watches but we do replace crystals, watchbands and batteries. We also repair and adjust watchbands.

Don't trust your valuable timepiece to just anyone, we at L&S Clock Repair have over 60 years of experience.

Long Distance Repair

II can't find anyone in my area that will repair my timepiece. Can I ship it to you to repair?

Yes, when we receive your timepiece, we will contact you via phone or email to inform you that we received it and determine the presenting problem. We will clean and inspect the timepiece for worn or broken parts and inform you of the cost for the necessary repairs. After the timepiece has been repaired and regulated, We will contact you again and inform you of the final bill including shipping. We will return your timepiece to you when your payment is received. We accept money orders or PayPal.

Contact Us

Call today (618) 234-4401 or (217) 367-8242, or email sales@lsclockrepair.com or ship your timepiece to us at:

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Clock clinic on the second Friday of every month by appointment:
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A professional Cleaning and Service every 3–5 years will help avoid costly repairs!
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